Tamera's Tooth Troubles
This personal project is an imagined children's book that follows Tamera and her wiggly tooth. This whimsical character shares her experience of what it's like losing her first baby tooth. Exploring character design, colour schemes, and animated backgrounds was a pleasurable experience.
Epcor Art Hoarding Project
The illustration displays the importance of public transportation. How it gathers various individuals with different backgrounds into one shared environment. Small interactions, bumping into old friends, memorizing the regulars, and meeting neighbours grant a sense of belonging and community.  This project was converted into construction art hoarding and displayed at the construction site as a mural in Edmonton, Alberta. The construction hoarding panels are placed along the north fence of the worksite facing Oliver Square

Odd Juxtaposition: Bathroom Plant
A large plant growing out of a toilet bowl. This illustration is an odd juxtaposition, combining two items you don't usually see together. This exercise was very fun to do and I was able to explore so many potential concepts and ideas. I experimented with scale, exaggeration and then paired random items together. 
An illustration that portrays the feeling of fear. The exaggerated facial expressions and dark tone colour palette intensify the piece and evoke an eerie sensation. The main objective of this project was to understand emotion and communicate it through visual components. ​​​​​​​
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