Little Red Riding Hood Animation
This 2D animation of Little Red Riding Hood is a self-directed project for the Final Project in DESN261. The main focus was to design a playful, whimsical character design and a frame by frame animation. The storyline follows the Little Red Riding Hoods' morning routine on the way the Grandma's house. The textured, bright illustrations enhance the 2D feel and fairy tale book theme. 
Dreaming: The Prague Sessions
In this project, our typography ll class was given an opportunity to design vinyl packaging for Bent River Records. This mockup was designed for Allan Gilliland’s Dreaming: The Prague Sessions. The colours remained monochrome to combine a dreamy aesthetic and music note sheet experience. The images were hand-illustrated traditionally with a black pen and white cardstock. This design choice was to enhance the illustration's texture and add depth
Antarctic Institute of Canada Internship
Summer and Summer internship Program in Partnership with Antarctic Institute of Canada and Austin Mardon. This internship was through the  Riipen Level Up program. I was fortunate to collaborate with several creatives to produce and publish graphic novels, ebooks, audiobooks, paperbacks, and picture books. I designed weekly electronic and printed material for publications, blogs, and websites using Adobe Creative Suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). I integrated multimedia concepts with technical graphic design elements and issued all finished media using Lulu publishing software.
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